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US Secret Service staff self-isolating after Tulsa rally

Washington: Dozens of Secret Service officers who attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Oklahoma have been ordered to self-quarantine after two of their colleagues tested positive for the coronavirus, The Washington Post reported.

Six members of the campaign’s advance team tested positive before the rally, while two others did so afterwards.

The Post reported that the six advance team members who tested positive before June 20 rally included two Secret Service personnel.

The two attended a meeting on June 19 along with other Secret Service personnels, who continued with their duties after the test results were known, sources said.

Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan said the agency remained “prepared and staffed to fulfil all of the various duties as required”.

“Any implication that the agency is in some way unprepared or incapable of executing our mission would be inaccurate,” she added.

According to Tulsa’s fire department, about 6,200 people attended the event – a third of the capacity of the venue, the BBC reported.

But that was denied by the Trump campaign, which said twice as many people were inside.

Trump was slammed for holding the re-election campaign event in a city where the infection rate is rising.

With 2,380,452 cases and 121,969 deaths, the US continues with the world’s highest number of COVID-19 infections and fatalities as of Thursday.

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