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Shanti Foundation concludes its ‘Food Distribution Yatra’ in India

Mumbai: COVID-19 effect has been felt most acutely by the underprivileged section of the society in India. With lost jobs, displaced families and an uncertain future, the lack of access to even food was something that was a lethal blow. Identifying this crucial need, Shanti Foundation rallied its volunteers and supporters to execute the Food Distribution Yatra across India.

 The Yatra started from Pune on 31st May 2020. The Yatra continued across Chennai, Bangalore, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Delhi and ended at St. Annes High School, Lokmanya Tilak Road, in Borivali West, in Mumbai, on 21st November 2020. At each stop, efforts were made to seek Police Department help and Local Authorities’ cooperation for smooth and orderly distribution of essential ration bags.

Mr. Surinder Rametra, Founder of Shanti Foundation, has profusely thanked the volunteers. He says, “It takes a special person to be able to do what it takes to alleviate the misery of others. Especially during a crisis like this. And our volunteers are an absolutely special lot. An initiative like this depends on an amalgam of generosity and skills. Shri Sonu Sood’s eloquent message inspired volunteers and the public alike.” He added that “We want to make a tangible difference in the lives of people and we hope that with initiatives like this, we will continue building momentum and contribute in bringing about sweeping change.”

Shanti Foundation is a trust registered in India under the Charitable Act 1860. The Trust is guided by a group comprising eminent educationists, industrialists, and philanthropists having a common goal to enhance its Mission of Women Empowerment; Helping Destitute; Awareness of Healthcare and Environment Causes and Promoting Education in Rural India.

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Rametra-led charity gives thousands of ration bags to Covid affected in India

New York: To help the daily wage workers, small farmers, and other vulnerable communities suffering the most after the Covid lockdowns in India, Shanti Foundation, an initiative of Long Island based entrepreneur and  philanthropist  Surinder Rametra, distributed thousands of bags of essential food items to the needy this month in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, rural Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, etc.

Each bag distributed contains around 15 kg of essential food items such as wheat, rice, dal, cooking oil, sugar, and basic spices. The distribution started in Pune on May 31, 2020, and continued in other Covid-hit places for people who may not have Aadhaar card, ration card and to those whom the government food supply didn’t reach. The local volunteers in India procure the food items and the Foundation reimburses the cost.

To ensure orderly distribution in each location, local authorities’ permission and police help is sought.

Said Mr. Rametra, “Shanti Foundation has always tried its best to come forward and help the needy. By providing food bags, we are simply trying to ease off a tiny fraction of the sufferings being faced by the underprivileged section of our society. We just hope that our initiative makes a difference!”

Shanti Foundation is registered in India as a trust, and is named after Mr Rametra’s mother. Its mission includes women empowerment, helping the destitute, create awareness of healthcare and environment causes and promote education in rural India. It follows the model of ‘Innovative Benevolence’ – where the institution can live beyond the lifetime of its founders. The trust is guided by several eminent educationist, industrialist, and philanthropist groups. For information: www.Shanti

Mr. Rametra
Mr. Rametra
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