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Rhea names Sara Ali Khan in Sushant drugs case

Almost a year after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, a written statement of Rhea Chakraborty (his girlfriend at the time of death) to NCB has surfaced in which she is seen naming actor Sara Ali Khan. 

A written statement given to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the drugs case connected to the SSR death case has emerged in which Rhea talks about ‘rolling marijuana joints’ with Sara in the year 2017.

A report in Zee News has published the copy of the statement submitted by the NCB as part of its charge-sheet in the case. Rhea has written about her WhatsApp chat with Sara in the statement. 

On June 4, 2017, as revealed by the actor, she was offered rolled marijuana joints and vodka by Sara who used to share ‘hand-rolled doobies’ with her.

Meanwhile, Sushant Singh Rajput’s elder sister Meetu Singh warned fans against funds being raised in the late actor’s name, adding that the family does not permit “anything about or related to SSR, be it a movie, a book or a merchandise”.

“Unfortunately, it has come to our notice that some people are taking advantage of this situation for their own personal benefits which is an unexplainably inhuman act. All these people are required to refrain themselves from doing so,” Meetu wrote in a tweet.

Sending out a message for Sushant’s fans who are still fighting for justice for him, his sister tweeted: “With relentless efforts all the SSRians have been chasing Justice for Sushant as their only motive and I assure you all that the family is fighting for justice with equal desperation if not more. All the SSRians have the freedom to continue Sushant’s legacy. #SushantSinghRajput.”

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Bollywood film bodies and producers move court to stop abuse from 2 TV channels

Four Bollywood industry associations and 34 leading Bollywood producers have moved Delhi High Court seeking directions against two TV channels — Republic TV and Times Now — along with their executive editors and other journalists to refrain from making or publishing irresponsible, derogatory and defamatory remarks against Bollywood as a whole and members of the industry. This is a fresh fallout of the Sushant Singh Rajput death case investigation, reports Hindustan Times

The plea filed through DSK Legal also sought directions to the various social media platforms to restrain them from publishing the remarks of these journalists which is ultimately leading to media trials of Bollywood personalities and interfering with the right to privacy of persons associated with Bollywood.

The petition said that the plea was filed in wake of the channels using highly derogatory words and expressions for Bollywood such as “dirt”, “filth”, “scum”, “druggies” and expressions such as “it is Bollywood where the dirt needs to be cleaned”, “all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood”, “this is the dirtiest industry in the country”, and “cocaine and LSD drenched Bollywood”.

The names of the 4 film industry bodies are Film & Television Producers Guild Of India (PGI), Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA), Indian Film and TV Producers Council (IFTPC), and Screenwriters Association (SWA). Producers include Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar,  Ajay Devgn, Ashutosh Gowariker, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and Yashraj Films.

The plea said Bollywood is a distinct and well recognized class, comprising the Hindi film industry in Mumbai. It said that form several years  Bollywood is a huge source of revenue for the public exchequer, earns significant foreign exchange for India by way of revenue from overseas releases of films, tourism etc, and is a big source of employment, with various other industries also being largely dependent on it.

“Bollywood is unique and stands on a different footing from any other industry inasmuch as it is an industry that is dependent almost solely on goodwill, appreciation and acceptance of its audience. The livelihood of persons associated with Bollywood is being severely impacted by the smear campaign being run by the defendants.

“This is in addition to the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in extreme revenues and work opportunity loss. The privacy of the members of Bollywood is being invaded, and their reputations are being irreparably damaged by painting the entire Bollywood as criminals, seeped in drug culture, and making being part of Bollywood as synonymous with criminal acts in the public imagination,” the plea read.

The matter is likely to be heard this week.

Videograbs from Republic TV and Times Now’s long-running campaigns investigating the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. thesatime | The Southasian times
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Rhea Chakraborty gets bail after 28 days

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Wednesday granted conditional bail of Rs one lakh to Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty, her lawyer Satish Maneshinde said here.

Justice S.V. Kotwal, who had completed the hearing in her bail application last week and kept his ruling in reserve, pronounced the order this morning.

Arrested on September 9 by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in a drug related case, Rhea has spent 28 days in custody till date. She was sent to extended judicial custody by a Special NDPS Court till October 20 on Tuesday.

Welcoming the court order, Maneshinde said, “Truth and justice have prevailed and ultimately the submissions on facts and law have been accepted by Justice Kotwal”.

“The arrest and custody of Rhea was totally unwarranted and beyond the reach of law. The hounding and witch hunt by three Central agencies — the CBI, ED and NCB — of Rhea should come to an end. We remain committed to the truth. ‘Satya Meva Jayate’,” said Maneshinde.

Rhea, along with 19 others, including Showik, were arrested during August-September by the NCB in connection with the drugs angle which surfaced during the investigations of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

Among those nabbed include the Chakraborty siblings, Sushant’s staffers Dipesh Sawant, Samuel Miranda, several drug peddlers, suppliers and persons linked with the film industry.

The others who were arrested till September-end are: Abbas Lakhani, Karan Arora, Zaid Vilatra, Abdul Basit Parihar, Kaizan Ebrahim, Anuj Keswani, Ankush Arenja, Kamarjeet Singh Anand, Sanket Patel, Sandeep Gupta, Aftab Ansari, Dwyane Fernandes, Suryadeep Malhotra, Chris Costa, Rahil Vishram and Kshitij R. Prasad.

Some of the accused have been granted bail, others remain in custody for varying periods as the NCB probe continues along with questioning of several leading actresses.

Meanwhile, after an AIIMS report said that Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party and ruling ally Congress in Maharashtra were locked in a bitter political dogfight.

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Justice for Sushant died when a TV studio turned Supreme Court

By The SATimes News Service

By Ananya Bhattacharya

That’s a verse from Rumi, pulled out of context to custom-fit this ongoing farce, much like facts, in this case, have been. An exceptionally shrill desk-chest-thumping gorilla leading a witch-hunt culminates in a broken-hearted girl going to jail. You know what I am talking about. Yes, the Sushant Singh Rajput case, with the spotlight shifting to Rhea Chakraborty from whatever everyone else was seeking justice for. All this started with Justice For SSR and we are farther from the truth or justice than we ever were. We are today at the crossroads where highways to farce and injustice meet.

Facts first. How did we get here?

This road to Byculla was flanked by two cars of a TV channel screaming ‘arrest her’. Rhea Chakraborty was a girl Sushant Singh Rajput loved with his heart, mind and money. But no. She is the gold digger, she is the black magic woman, she is the one who hoodwinked Sushant into a relationship with her. While his fans mourned, a new fan-following spawned out of the Justice For SSR movement; this gang of fans who didn’t care for the actor when he was alive. The hordes of ‘fans’ on social media who call themselves ‘SSR’s Warriors’ don’t for a moment see the tarnishing of Sushant’s legacy that is happening day in and day out, since the Chief Justice of the Ochlocratic Court of India took it upon himself to shout ‘Justice’ for his ‘younger brother’. This man did put a rider: “Even though I have never met Sushant, he was my younger brother.” So a man who had never met Sushant set out to villainize a woman who not only met Sushant, but lived with him for a year. A woman who Sushant loved.

Making Rhea a villain was easy. You just had to suppress her side from going on air. She is the one who left him. She is the woman who apparently fooled Sushant into being in a full-fledged live-in relationship with him for a year. She is a woman who wears arrogant slogans on her T-shirt instead of dressing up in a white salwar-kameez. From her clothes to the shape of her eyebrows, the Pied Piper dissected everything in his kangaroo court where panelists dictated everything from the course of action for the CBI to how many years Rhea should spend in jail. But was the Sushant Singh Rajput death case ever about drugs? And marijuana, at that?

No. It wasn’t. It was about bigger problems, graver ailments that took his life; suicide or murder, whatever way he died. The CBI took over the reins of the investigation, only to say that they hadn’t yet found anything suspicious about the ‘suicide’. To keep the faith in CBI intact and the investigation open, the officers added a caveat: ‘as yet’.

By then the Enforcement Directorate had taken suo moto notice of his financial transactions. Of course, nothing of the money trail sort has been discovered yet.

All they found were private WhatsApp chats they made public and the Narcotics Control Bureau sniffed an opportunity to moisture its nostrils. And so began the crackdown on 59 grams of marijuana found in WhatsApp conversations. A recreational drug that if the NCB were to try and ‘crack down on’, they would have to start with Shiva. Yes, Lord Shiva, the chillum-smoking ‘cool’ Hindu god who is worshipped across the country from Kedarnath to Rameswaram. It has to arrest all sadhus and the stereotypical engineering students for that matter. Bollywood of course does harder stuff.

But as long as we have a villain in a 28-year-old girl and her family members, why should we care about the specifics?

But if we do care about the specifics, out of the three Central agencies probing the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the main ‘crimes’ that Rhea has been accused of by Sushant’s family – stealing Rs 15 crore, and later, ‘murdering’ him – stay unproven. Painfully so.

In this process of getting ‘justice’ for Sushant, his image has been diminished to a drug addict, his girlfriend has been dragged through the mud, half of a family where Sushant found solace in is lodged in jail today, and the sheep are bleating tweets. Justice has been served.

The stinging reality about justice, though, is that Sushant will never get any. His fine legacy has been soiled beyond recognition. His close ones have been hounded for being close to him. The image that he was so concerned about, so much that he was disturbed by even blind items being written about him, is destroyed irreparably today.

This ‘victory’ is Pyrrhic. Because justice died the day it began being delivered from inside a TV studio in Mumbai.

The writer is Editor, Features at India Today

Source: DailyO


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