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Protests and looting in Philly after police shoot Black man with knife

Philadelphia: Protesters took to the streets and bands of looters broke into businesses for a second night Tuesday after officers in Philadelphia shot and killed a Black man who was holding a knife in an encounter that city officials say raises questions.

One group marched peacefully for much of the night, chanting Walter Wallace Jr.’s name and saying, “Whose streets? Our streets.” But the protest turned violent near a police precinct when the large crowd encountered a handful of officers. Several people in the crowd threw rocks, light bulbs, or bricks at the police. One officer was injured, according to a CNN crew at the scene.

There was looting by other groups of people in another part of the city, according to a police tweet and video from a CNN affiliate’s helicopter.

Aerial pictures from affiliate KYW showed people looting a Foot Locker and others emerging from a Walmart with televisions and other items.


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