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Emmy nominated filmmaker Tirlok Malik to host IYD NY event

New York: Tirlok Malik, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Happy Life Yoga speaker, will be hosting a Happy Life Yoga event on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2021 on June 19th, 2021 at 10 am, New York EST virtually on Zoom and social media such as Facebook Live (IndusTV and Facebook page of GOPIO Manhattan). The event will be joined by the audiences from many countries. 

The theme of the event is Happy Life Yoga. The event is being presented by GOPIO Manhattan, The Indian Panorama, Indian American Forum and Consulate General of India, New York. Ambassador Randhir Jaiswal, Consul General of India will be the chief guest.  

“Happy Life Yoga follows a basic underlying philosophy. If you feel you deserve and want to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life then Happy Life Yoga can show you how. It’s a way of living inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga & Indian philosophy and no mats are needed to practice it,” explains Malik. 

Many experts and honored guest speakers have been lined up to share their wisdom. The list includes the award-winning filmmaker, international entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author, Dr Bhuvan Lall, Sangeeta Agarwal, CEO & Founder, Helpsy, Neil & Andrea Garvey, Publishers/Editors, Creations Magazine, Deborah Fishman Shelby, Founder & Executive Director, FED, Ranju Narang, Director, Educator, Prof. Indrajit Saluja, Chief Editor/Publisher, The Indian Panorama, Indu Jaiswal, chairperson, Indian American Forum, Renee Mehra, and Anil Narang. The event also has a guest singer Pallavi Verma Belwariar.

Happy Life Yoga, an educational platform launched in June 2019 is the creation of Tirlok Malik and the Ayurveda Cafe team. It offers a unique holistic approach to health and happiness using tools from Ayurveda, Indian Philosophy, and Yoga to help better manage modern-day challenges such as work, finances, relationships, family and other social pressures. “After Covid-19, the world has realized that it is very, very important to have good health, physically and emotionally, and the Happy Life Yoga platform can show how. A way of living inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Indian Philosophy, Happy Life Yoga can be very, very useful for everyone,” says Malik. “The whole team of this event prays for the wellbeing of the world and is happy to celebrate International Day of Yoga 2021,” Malik adds.

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Indo American Community hosts virtual candlelight vigil against Asian hate crimes

A virtual candle light vigil event against Asian Hate Crimes was organized by Indo American Community Voice (IACV) on April 11, 2021 led by President Bina Sabapathy. Previously, IACV had their first successful event on Swastika Awareness on March 21st.

The vigil started with American National anthem. In a first of its kind, the event hosted many organizations on one platform and represented communities from India, Bangladesh, China, Korea, Nepal, Pakistan and Taiwan. The zoom event emphasized the need of a united front among South Asians to join together and voice against any hate crimes or injustice done. The event helped to build bridges by sharing cross-cultural issues among South Asian ethnicities and organizations. For attendees, they saw this as an opportunity to stand up for their community. The vigil saw various leaders from various racial demographics denounce white hegemony and racial bullying. The organizers and participants of the vigil hoped to bring awareness to the frightening hate crimes committed against Asian Americans in the United States. Speakers of the day were Lionel Chitty, Director of Minority Affairs, Nassau County, Padmashree Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Kay Kim and Kamlesh Mehta. Religious leaders like Dr. Ravindra Goyal, Sridhar Shanmugham, Pundit Hemanth and Maa Chandra Bharathi, Gobind Munjal and organizational and community leaders like Sunil Hali, Dr. Jay Sarkar, Fred Fu, Gopi Dhungwana, Qamar Bashir, Patsy Chen, Christopher Tung, Ajith Bhaskar, Indu Jaiswal, Jasbir Singh, Dr. Anila Midha, Koshy Thomas, Beena Kothari, Jyothi Gupta, Suhag Mehta and Y. J. Andy Cheng.

The event had a slideshow on “Love, Peace, Faith & Hope” and a virtual candle light vigil with all attendees holding candles in their homes in solidarity for the cause. The event concluded with peace prayer by Maa. Chandra Bharathi. Balaji Nagaraj, IACV board member delivered a vote of thanks. Other IACV board members Dr. Ravindra Goyal, Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Sridhar Shanmugham, Pradeep Tandon, Pooja Makhijani and Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan ably supported the event.

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Dr. Kuncham and Dr. Kusum Sinha reassure on safe schools opening

Hicksville, NY: As schools are scheduled to open next month, parents and community leaders are concerned about safe return of students to the classroom.  Indian American Forum, led by Indu Jaiswal, and TLCA, invited two Superintendents Dr. Kishore Kuncham and Dr. Kusum Sinha for a virtual dialogue. They gave an overview of reopening of schools plan. It was moderated by Flora Parekh and Aashmeeta Yogiraj.

With over three decades of senior-level experience in public education, community leadership and the corporate world, Dr. Kishore Kuncham is the first Indian American Superintendent in the State of NY serving Freeport School District.

Dr. Kusum Sinha, Superintendent, Garden city Schools, a doctorate in instructional leadership from St. John’s University.

As the superintendents answered questions, it led to in-depth discussions about hybrid and remote instructional models, services to special education and ENL students, equity issues, fiscal challenges, technology, and safety protocols. It was assuring to hear from the superintendents the high level preparedness and readiness on the part of the schools for the well-being of all students and staff.

Several organizations including TLCA, IDP USA, Gift of Life USA, Shanti Fund, LILC and were represented at this very important discussion to help address school  opening challenges and concerns. Various community leaders and parents – Babu Kudaravalli, President Telugu Literary Cultural Association (TLCA), Rizwan Qureshi, Nikita Bhatia, Mukesh Modi, Arvind Vora, Bakul Matalia, Gobind Munjal, Vimal Goyal, Teacher Vasundhara Surekha and several others including Board members and directors of Indian American Forum and TLCA were gratified being part of this important discussion and concluded requesting a follow-up session as things shape in coming weeks.

The event was live on social media. For more information,

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