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Pakistan ‘threatens’ Hindu American Foundation for exposing 1971 genocide

A prominent Hindu American advocacy group alleged on Thursday that it has been threatened by Pakistan for recently launching a website exposing the role of the Pakistan Army in the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh.
The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) said it has received a communication from Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Web Analysis Division, demanding that it take down the “Bengali Hindu Genocide” web page, which captures a variety of perspectives on the genocidal actions of then West Pakistan’s (now modern Pakistan) military, “within (24) hours.”

The letter also states that the government of Pakistan will “remove or block” access to HAF’s “Bengali Hindu Genocide” web page in Pakistan. This nearly-10-month genocidal campaign left two-three million people dead, 200,000-400,000 women raped and more than 10 million people displaced — a majority of whom were Hindus, the HAF said in a statement.

“Your website i.e is involved in dissemination of content with intent to ridicule, defame the Armed Forces of Pakistan in order to provoke anti-state sentiments, cause disharmony, feelings of enmity among masses at large, which is prejudicial to the integrity, sovereignty and security of Pakistan,” said the communication from Pakistan.
The HAF has refused to take down the site.

“The government of Pakistan’s feeble attempt to threaten and intimidate a respected American non-profit organization is just the latest example of its anti-American, anti-Hindu acts,” stated Deepali Kulkarni, HAF director of human rights.

“The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a proven track record of killing, forcibly converting or driving out Hindus, Christians, Ahmadiya Muslims and other religious minorities in Pakistan, and now it appears that it is going after these same religious minorities in other countries, too,” Kulkarni said.

The HAF said its website has been blocked for viewers in Pakistan.

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HAF: Report incidents of anti-Hindu hate or harassment to authorities

In view of the recent event where a community member was targeted because he expressed support for the farm bills introduced by the government of India, the Hindu American Foundation has urged anyone who has been the victim of anti-Hindu hate, harassment, or threats to report these incidents to local law enforcement as well as fill out its Hinduphobia and bias crime reporting form, so that it helps to better keep track of such incidents in the United States.

“We’ve been receiving an increasing number of reports of Hindu Americans being targeted for harassment in person and on social media platforms for exercising their right to express opinions on events taking place in India,” Suhag Shukla, HAF Executive Director and Co-Founder as in a press release. 
“HAF firmly stands on the side of individuals to express their political opinions or disagree with the political opinions of others, no matter what those opinions are. However, when individuals are threatened personally or professionally for doing so, or targeted with organized retaliation it simply goes too far and moves into the realm of harassment as defined by state and local law. Hindu Americans should know and exercise their rights freely and fearlessly in all spheres of American life,” read the press release.  

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HAF leads campaign against anti-India motion by a city council in Minnesota

Washington: The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) launched a letter writing campaign to oppose a deeply flawed and error-laden resolution proposed by the St. Paul City Council in Minnesota. The symbolic resolution denounces what it calls the “Islamophobic ideology” of the Modi government.  Lead sponsor Council Member Jane Prince  worked on the resolution with the Minnesota chapter of the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Thanks to HAF’s activism, the City Council has been inundated with over 12,000 letters opposing RES 20-712 and requesting the city council to table it or vote NO. Numerous locally spearheaded coalition letters from the Indian and Hindu American communities also called out the inaccuracies and divisive impact of the council’s actions.

HAF also sent a formal letter to council members to educate them on the horrific human rights conditions that many religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have fled.

Another fact-check of RES 20–712 was submitted on May 12, 2020 to the St. Paul City Council by a coalition of 27 prominent leaders from Minnesota’s Indian American community. It provides corrections, clarifications, and context to numerous inaccuracies in the City Council’s ill-advised proposed draft resolution on India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, and highlights the hostile environment the City Council has created for Minnesotans of Indian origin by hastily and irresponsibly wading into a subject on which it lacks expertise, let alone basic understanding.

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