It us up to the blacks to lift themselves

By Basab Dasgupta

Is there any hope of an end to this black/white racial tension in this country in my lifetime? I see some hope based on what I see in people like the conservative black journalist/activist Candace Owens.

Ms. Owens views are simple and easy to understand. She believes that blacks should not dwell in the past especially since the young blacks today have no experience and no idea about the mistreatment their forefathers had endured. They should be thankful for all the opportunities they have at their disposal and move on to build prosperous lives. They should not feel animosity towards white people with the mistaken belief that they are still viewed as slaves.

According to Ms. Owens solution would come from what she calls a “civil war” of ideology within the black community itself. This is a profound statement. Solution cannot come from some outside external effort by white folks such as desegregation or welfare program or equal opportunity policy. She points out that the blacks have the opportunity to live a wonderful life in the most prosperous country in the world.

Her views were embraced by the black music superstar Kanye West. Mr. West was immediately chastised and ridiculed by the liberals and most of the black community but he did not back down. He created a storm of controversy by saying that 400 years of slavery “sounds more like a choice”. In other words, the blacks seem to prefer to present themselves as victims instead of making an effort to change their lives.  Unfortunately, most black celebrities continue to fuel the fire of racism-induced hatred.

Ms. Owens practices what she preaches. She lives in an upscale community in Connecticut, has a white boyfriend and is highly educated. If more prominent black celebrities spread similar messages that might signal a new beginning.


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