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Indian Hindustani music app developer wins Apple design award

Apple on Friday announced Apple Design Award winners which included six new award categories. Among the 12 app and game developers who won the award this year was Indian developer Sandeep Ranade who developed the NaadSadhana app, an app for Hindustani classical music. Ranade won the award under the innovation category, which provides a state-of-the-art experience through the novel use of Apple technologies that set them apart in their genre.

Apple describes NaadSadhana as an “all-in-one, studio-quality music app that helps musicians of all genres and any expertise perform and publish their music without boundaries.”

The company notes that after first finding its tune as an app for practicing Indian classical singing, NaadSadhana has expanded to support seven different genres of music. These include Hindustani classical, Semi-Classical, Devotional, Light / Bollywood, Carnatic, Western and Fusion.

NaadSadhana, with the help of artificial intelligence and Core ML, listens as a singer improvises a vocal line, and provides instant feedback on the accuracy of notes, and generates a backing track to match, in real-time. NaadSadhana started as an app for Hindustani classical music, but assists musicians of all genres who find it useful for its intuitive interface and powerful accompaniment features.

“This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we’ve come to expect from a great app experience, and we congratulate them on a well-deserved win,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “The work of these developers embodies the essential role apps and games play in our everyday lives, and serve as perfect examples of our six new award categories.”

Other apps to win the Apple Design Awards were from Inclusivity, delight and fun, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics. 

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