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Now you have AcroYoga: Yoga in new avatar

AcroYoga Global (AYG), the only worldwide online community for the practice and teaching of AcroYoga, celebrated the first anniversary of its online teaching platform on May 27, 2021. 

Combining the principles of traditional yoga practice and acrobatics, AcroYoga is a partner practice that involves creating and building physical shapes through collaboration, communication, and physical engagement. Partners counterbalance with, stack onto, and move with each other to achieve postures or string movements together. It is challenging, inviting, captivating, and uplifting.

In its first year, AYG has offered over 700 online acroyoga classes, taught by teachers from over 38 countries, on all continents except Antarctica. Over the last year, AYG has shared the practice of AcroYoga through the values of safety and inclusion, making this physical practice accessible and safe to all who want to participate, while embracing playfulness, curiosity, and creativity. 

AcroYoga Global offers classes for all levels, from first-timers to seasoned practitioners, with a mission to make AYG accessible and beneficial to people of all race, gender, body size, language, class, and more.

AcroYoga Global members and teachers come from 38 different countries. Teachers on the current schedule live in Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, San Francisco, Sacramento, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Merida (Mexico). Classes are offered in English with support in 8 languages, depending on the instructor. All teachers are certified in their discipline by a number of quality schools.

“The pandemic has greatly altered human connection, especially intimate social interactions such as touch and interaction. Our need to belong to a community, to a support group, to a chosen family has never been repressed on such a global scale,” says AYG Co-Founder Jill Campbell, “In AcroYoga, you touch your partner not only to achieve the postures, but also to nourish trust, complicity, friendship, and compassion, among other human qualities.” 

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