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Rolls-Royce, Infosys join hands for aerospace engineering in India

Mumbai: Leading aerospace and defense technology company Rolls-Royce and IT major Infosys have announced their strategic partnership for aerospace engineering in India.

As part of the overall partnership, Rolls-Royce will transition a significant part of its engineering center capabilities for Civil Aerospace in Bengaluru to Infosys.

“Leveraging its expertise in core engineering services, digital transformation capabilities, and Rolls-Royce product knowledge acquired through the partnership, Infosys will provide a full range of high-end engineering and R&D services integrated with advanced digital service to Rolls-Royce,” a joint statement from the two companies said.

According to the statement, over the past decade, Rolls-Royce has established a multidisciplinary engineering center in Bengaluru, and this has been an integral part of Rolls-Royce Engineering and R&D services.

“The center covers a mix of engineering capabilities spanning the full range of sub-functions and specialisms in R&D. Going forward, Rolls-Royce will continue these complex engineering activities in India in partnership with Infosys,” the statement said.

“The engineering center for Civil Aerospace will strengthen Infosys’ existing capabilities in ‘Turbomachinery and Propulsion’ that are currently delivered through a network of engineering centres in Mysore, Baden, and Karlovac.”

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