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Manya Saaraswat, 3 other Indian Americans in top 10 of Miss World America 2020

New YorkMiss World America this month held its virtual competition for 2020, with four Indian Americans making the Top 10 and one, Manya Saaraswat, making it all the way to the Top 5.

Alissa Anderegg of New York was the grand prize winner and will hold the title of 2020 Miss World America.

In addition to Saaraswat of Pennsylvania, Indian Americans Serene Singh of Colorado; Manju Bangalore of Oregon; and Shree Saini of Washington were top 10 finishers.

The Top 10 were named from a group of 28 women that included six Indian Americans and a Bangladeshi American. 

Saaraswat is pursuing a master of science of health policy and economics at Weill Cornell Medicine before she enters medical school.

Singh is a native Coloradan and a Rhodes Scholar, and is starting her doctorate degree in criminal justice at the University of Oxford, her bio notes.

A Truman Scholar and an alumnus of the University of Colorado, she graduated with summa cum laude honors in political science and journalism degrees with a minor in leadership studies, it said.

Bangalore is a physicist, actor and the founder of Operation Period, a youth-led nonprofit addressing menstrual inequity through art, advocacy, education, community engagement and aid.

She is now pursuing her M.S. in aerospace engineering with a concentration on propulsion systems.

Saini is a global speaker who has been invited to speak in over eight countries and 30 states.

In addition to Saaraswat and Anderegg, the top 5 included Alissa Musto of Massachusetts; Molly May of Mississippi; and Megan Gordan of South Carolina.

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