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Kamala’s niece angers Hindus and irks Dems for showing her as Durga

Washington DC: Hindu groups are seeking an apology from Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris, for tweeting an image showing Harris as Goddess Durga.

The image showed the Senator with a trident slaying President Trump depicted as demon Mahishasura, and Joe Biden as lion, Durga’s vahana.

“Your tweeting a caricature of the feminine divine, Maa Durga, with faces superimposed, deeply aggrieved many Hindus globally,” tweeted Suhag Shukla of Hindu American Foundation.

Rishi Bhutada from the Hindu American PAC said, “An apology should come from Meena Harris even though she did delete the tweet,” he said.  “Our religious iconography should not be used in the service of politics in America.”

A priest in a DC area Hindu temple slammed Meena’s tweet coming during the auspicious time of Navratri, dedicated to the Goddess.

Kamala Harris’s Senate office has not issued  any statement over the controversy.

Two local Democratic leaders, Aruna Miller and Kumar Barve, did not respond but sources close to them expressed concern since it was an election time and both Republicans and Democrats are trying to woo Hindu Americans.

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