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Long Island couple donate Ventilators & multi-parameter monitors in Jodhpur

New York: Sharada and Chandra Bhansali, New York based co-founders of AccountantsWorld, donated 5 high flow oxygen Ventilators and Multipara (multi-parameter) Monitors to the Covid Care Center of Mathura Das Mathur Hospital in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Jodhpur is a heavily infected city with thousands of Covid cases and these high flow Oxygen Ventilators were urgently needed to save Covid patients.

Chief Medical Officer of MDM Hospital Dr. Mahendra Kumar Auseri, deputy director Dr. Rakesh Karnawat, and Dr. Vikas Raj Purohit received the lifesaving machines and thanked the donor couple for their generosity. Surendra Mehta, Dr. Gautam Kothari, Director of Rachil Pharma Dr. Narayan Chaudhari, Amit Bhandari and Sanjay Kothari along with community leaders also attended the installation of Ventilators and Monitors event.  

Sharada and Chandra Bhansali are natives of Jodhpur. For their innovative software for CPAs, the couple is often featured in trade magazines and news. They have been repeatedly recognized among the “100 Most Influential People in Accounting” by Accounting Today.  One of the major contributors to Jaipur Foot, Bhansalis have helped thousands of underprivileged make a living.   

Arvind Bhandari, a founder of Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA), who is currently in Jodhpur, said that Bhansalis are always willing to support what is needed back home as well as in the USA. They plan to provide more ventilators to needy hospitals in Rajasthan.

Chandra and Sharada Bhansali have donated 5 High Flow Oxygen Ventilators & Multipara Monitors to MDM Hospital in Jodhpur. (Photo: Arvind Bhandari)
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