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Coronavirus-inspired Christmas tree ornaments this year

With coronavirus costumes a rage this Halloween, it’s obvious that the Covid-19 is already set to make its presence felt in Christmas decorations as well. 

There is already a rise in demand and supply of tree ornaments best described as “St. Nick meets pandemic.”

So you’ll find a mask-wearing Santa Claus among Old World Christmas’s new wares for 2020. The holiday retailer is also selling hand sanitizer and toilet paper ornaments. And all three designs are sold out, according to its website. 

Over on, customizable ornaments featuring masked elves and Christmas stockings packed with lockdown essentials like hand sanitizer, toilet paper and disinfecting wipes are giving tinsel a run for its money. And it’s not just toys this safety-first St. Nick is carting in his red sack – it’s cleaning supplies. 

If porcelain angels and red and green balls just aren’t cutting it — and let’s face it, you can forget about mistletoe this year — Etsy’s got you covered. You’ll find a ribbon-clad 2020 dumpster fire, dangling red viruses that put Rudolph’s nose to shame — one of which reads ‘2020 sucked’ — and custom family portraits starring dear ones in masks. 

Of course, given the severity of the pandemic, indulging in this timely trend might land you on Santa’s naughty list — or, at the very least, on the receiving end of some disapproving looks. (Source: Yahoo Life)

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