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We have to finish job…I have to get back soon: Trump in video

President Donald Trump posted a video on his Twitter account on Saturday from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he is receiving treatment for Covid-19, saying that he will be back soon and will resume campaigning.

He said, “I am starting to feel good (but) you don’t know over the period of the next few days. So, that’s the real test. We’ll be seeing what happens over the next couple of days.”

In his four-minute long video Trump thanked the medical team at Walter Reed who are working round the clock to ensure he recovers swiftly.

Speaking of the treatment he said, “If you look at the therapeutics, which I am taking right now, some of them… and others are coming out right now… Frankly, they are miracles, if you want to know the truth.”

He said, “I came here. I wasn’t feeling so well… I have to make America great again. We have to finish the job… I have to get back soon.”

The US president also said he is fighting for everyone who has been infected by coronavirus. He said, “This is something that has happened to millions of people all over the world. I am fighting for them, not just in the US but for people all over the world.”

He also said that he could not remain locked upstairs inside the protected environs of White House and had to confront problems. He said, “As a leader you have to confront problems, there has never been a great leader who would have done that.”

The US president said that he was happy to see the Americans come together praying for his recovery. He said, “I am so thankful for all the support whether it is on television or reading about it. Most of all I appreciate what has been said by the American people, almost a bipartisan consensus of American people. I won’t forget it and I promise you that.”

Trump also explained why he chose to come to Maryland in the video. He said, “I have to be out front. This is America. This is the United States. This is the greatest country in the world and this is the most powerful country in the world. I can’t be locked up in a room upstairs and totally safe and says ‘Hey, whatever happens, happens!’

As for the campaign he said, “I will be back soon. I have to get back because we have to make America great again… I look forward to finishing the campaign. The way it was started, the way we have been doing and the kind of numbers we have been doing. We are so proud of it.”

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