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Doha talks will be difficult: Abdullah

By The SATimes News Service

Kabul: Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation, has said that the talks between the government and the Taliban will be difficult, stating that the Afghan team will face issues that will require hard decisions to be made.

“I don’t say that these talks will be very simple, these talks will be very hard. We will face issues that will need hard decisions to be made,” TOLO News quoted Abdullah as saying in a recent statement.

“But the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has gone to Qatar with the support of the government and politicians,” he added.

Abdullah also pledged that all the achievements of the last 20 years will be preserved during the negotiations.

“Citizens’ rights, women’s rights, human rights, victims’ and minorities’ rights, justice and freedoms that were achieved through many sacrifices, will be preserved in these talks,” he said.

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