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Akshaya Patra Foundation raises $2.85 M at Philanthropy for Change virtual gala

By The SATimes News Service 

San Francisco, CAThe Akshaya Patra Foundation raised $2.85 Million at the Philanthropy for Change virtual gala this past Saturday evening. The funds raised will provide COVID relief to migrant workers, including cooked meals, ration boxes for families and Happiness Boxes containing 30 days-worth of food, hygiene products, and education supplies to its mid-day meal beneficiaries. 

“This is an amazing example of how our supporters have come together more than ever before to provide relief from hunger,” said Vandana Tilak, CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation. “Children generally are unable to get a proper meal when schools are closed, but in these times, entire families are starving when their parents have lost jobs.” 

The Philanthropy of Change event had attendance from 1,000 technology professionals and businesses, non-profits, government officials, and philanthropic leaders worldwide, who support the organization’s dual mission of addressing childhood hunger and promoting education for underserved children in India. Ramamurthy Sivakumar, Co-Founder of Pragya Ventures, hosted the evening and led speakers through an inspiring and thoughtful discussion about giving back to vulnerable communities through organizations like Akshaya Patra. 

Esteemed philanthropist and social worker, Sudha Murthy provided a stimulating and authentic conversation about how sharing and giving back is impactful, no matter how big or small. Long-time Akshaya Patra supporters Chef Sanjeev Kapoor stated how he continues to learn and be inspired by the work and significant contributions Akshaya Patra has on children’s lives. Throughout the event,  famous musician and composer Shankar Mahadevan added to the conversation and performed several of his favorite songs he composed from his blockbuster movies. Guests who attended the event commented on the excellent use of technology and how flawlessly the event was executed as an online fundraising gala. 

Overall the evening was full of laughter, beautiful music, and inspiring conversations, celebrating the beneficiaries, volunteers, chapter teams from the Bay Area, LA, Portland, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and San Diego. 

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