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Workation: New way to travel and end your WFH boredom

Travel. With everything that has been going on right now, it is the last thing on all our minds. After all, we can only fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic by isolating at home. Since the last few months, we have all been doing exactly that by working from our homes.

Yet, travelling is what we crave right now. To leave the four walls of our bedrooms, and be lost somewhere on those idyllic beaches or the majestic mountains, the feeling of sitting on an airplane or a bus to reach a destination.

Well, now that some places are reopening by undertaking proper precautions, travelling might just be back as an option. However, if your Work From Home is stopping you from taking that much-needed socially distanced vacation, we have good news for you. And it is called – workation.

The idea behind workation is basically what the word literally means – working + vacation. A working vacation. If you can’t go on a vacation, take your office along. The concept, earlier frowned upon as it was believed it blurred the lines between work and leisure, now seems like an appealing prospect, what with all other work-home lines anyway blurring this year.

The idea of relocating for a few weeks, a month or even longer to a destination that is within driving distance does seem like a lucrative idea. Take a second and imagine yourself up in the mountains or sitting in front of a serene beach with your laptop, in comfiest clothes and a cup of hot cocoa or a pitcher of beer. Who wouldn’t want that, especially now? In fact, you can also throw in the benefits of pleasant weather and unlimited access to outdoors along with fun activities like trekking, fishing or biking. (Source:

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