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Dr. Jay Sarkar recognized by the World Organization For Peace as Ambassador for Peace, USA

New York: Dr. Jay M. Sarkar has been recognized by the World Organization for Peace (OMPP/WOFP) as Ambassador for Peace and Executive Member of OMPP/WOFP Foundation for New York, USA.

The World Organization for Peace is a non-profit institution and its function is to preserve human life on the planet and outside of it. It conforms to the guidelines of the United Nations, which is the ruling parent organization that together with the countries which are members, determines and proposes the destinies of our humanity.
The World Organization for Peace, a non-profit organization, was launched in New York in 1991 with a mission of advocating for human rights. Ambassadors for Peace are named periodically, and these honorary ambassadors are chosen on a variety of factors.

On September 3, 2020, the Board members of the OMPP/WOFP decided to recognize Dr. Sarkar as Ambassador for Peace and Executive Member, New York, USA. According to the organization, Dr. Sarkar was named an Ambassador for Peace, because of his work on integrating spirituality and medical science for a better way of living for humanity.

Dr. Sarkar has spent his life giving to others through his medical expertise, spiritual services and community outreach. .

At the World Organization for Peace, their team is always looking for people with good intentions from various nationalities and career affiliations to represent their organization. “Peace is a good which is worthy of every human being and at the same time necessary to all, it does not have owners and it will only be obtained with the effort, tolerance and good predisposition of all humanity,” said the team at the World Organization for Peace.

It is truly a reflection of lifetime of service of Dr. Sarkar in his contribution in the medical community and spiritual services. His education includes receiving a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, New Delhi, India. Occupational Therapy education from the Institute for the Physically Handicapped in New Delhi and training in Mind Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Dr. Sarkar’s professional experience has included tenure at Peterborough Hospital in Peterborough, UK and Hurstbourne Care Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Sarkar owns a private practice in pain management in New York City, USA and provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and counselling services. Dr. Sarkar is licensed as OTR in both New York and Massachusetts and he is also certified in Mind Body Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Sarkar is registered as a homeopathic physician in New Delhi. He is an award-winning practitioner whose accolades include United States Congressional Achievement Award in 2009 and the New York City Council Citation Recognition Award in 2014.

The organization chose Dr. Sarkar as an Ambassador for Peace based on his long and successful career of giving to others. Most uniquely, they recognize that Dr. Sarkar has worked to integrate spirituality and medical science together for the overall healing and wellbeing of the people. Dr. Sarkar has used this approach to help his patients enjoy better lives, which is a fitting reflection of the mission that’s being carried out at the World Organization for Peace.

The organization oversees a number of initiatives designed to inspire peace. For instance, the World Organization for Peace conducts a number of peace programs in favor of peaceful living and life while also encouraging against antagonistic causes such as war, terrorism, and nuclear weapons.

Dr. Sarkar is honored to be esteemed with this prestigious organization and looks forward to further inspiring people with his dynamic and holistic approach in spirituality and medical science. Dr. Sarkar is based in Queens, New York City and works with people of various backgrounds to provide strategies focused on mind and body to lead to a better quality of life.

While spirituality and medical practice are typically left separate, practitioners such as Dr. Sarkar find that merging the two can provide a wealth of benefits to the humanity, including enhancement and upliftment of mental and physical health and wellbeing. By providing his innovative and unique approach to the humanity, Dr. Sarkar is helping countless people while being aligned with the mission at the World Organization for Peace.

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