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India general govt debt-to-GDP ratio may peak: World Bank

New Delhi: India’s general government debt-to-GDP ratio is set to surge, with a World Bank report projecting the ratio at rising to its peak of 89 per cent in the financial year 2022-23, before gradually declining.

The report titled ‘India Development Update’ for July 2020, noted that with the revenue outlook seriously dented, and new expenditure imperatives, the fiscal deficit and debt of the central and state governments are likely to increase sharply over the next two years.

“India’s debt-to-GDP ratio is projected to increase significantly in the short term, reflecting the expected contraction in GDP growth and increase in the primary deficit. While there is a significant level of uncertainty around the projections, the general government debt-to-GDP ratio is projected to peak at around 89 per cent in FY22/23 before gradually declining thereafter,” it said.

General government debt refers to the overall liabilities of both the Union government and states.

Further, the report also said that the World Bank may project a steeper contraction of the Indian economy for the current financial year, revised from the previous estimate of 3.2 per cent.

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