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Trump vs Biden – who deserves our vote in November?

By Navin Doshi
Founder & President, Nalanda International

& Vibhuti Jha
Executive Director, Nalanda International

The election on November 3 will be a crucial vote Americans will cast this year in just another few weeks. The desperation is palpable and the anxiety is visible throughout our communities. On top of that, the US Intelligence Agencies have disclosed that not only are the “Russians” here again to play Russian roulette with the electoral process as they allegedly did in 2016, but the Chinese are here too playing their Chinese checkers! US Intel opines that “The Russians” seem to be trying to reinstall Trump again while the Chinese are doing their best to unseat him. The rogues gallery also includes ISIS, ISI, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the ones Trump has called out in his own inimitable way. Strangely, the Europeans, our historical allies, also seem perturbed for being made to pay their fair share of NATO budget to keep them strong militarily! Lest we forget, our favorite neighbors Canada and Mexico also want to get in on the act. Canada is upset because they are outed for charging higher tariffs for American products and now they are either forced to lower the tariffs or face retaliation! Mexico is enjoying the manufacturing jobs that went to it under NAFTA but are unhappy Trump is resisting the flow of illegals marching through to the US.

Amidst the 31 flavors of foreign interference, there are our own local “agitators” against the President called the Democrats. They are still hurting from Madam Hillary’s unceremonious defeat at the hands of her “deplorables” four years ago! The famous “Russia reset” got her the fake dossier she wanted but not the Presidency she craved! Even President Obama’s confabulation with Russian President Medvedev, when he told him “will have more flexibility after the election”, didn’t change anything!

Let’s also not forget that never before a past President has commented on the successor as much as President Obama has done, that too with a vengeance, in the last three years. He even used a memorial event to rant against Trump. His famous desire to “change America fundamentally” stalled in its tracks! There is an old saying , “if everyone is upset and angry with you then you must be doing something right” and so it would seem is the life of the 45th President, Donald Trump.

We all know the Democrats are today calling for street attacks to oppose the President! Eerily, the three leaders of Congress Party in India did the same, inciting the public to battle BJP on the streets opposing the much admired and needed legislations in India with reference to Art 370, 35A , CAA etc. That led to the notorious “Shaheen Bagh” in Delhi. Mark the parallel here in our USA, where we have seen utter lawlessness take over , converting legitimate democratic protests into riots, looting, destruction of small and medium businesses owned by minorities of all color. Are we happy with that situation? How many of us really want a Shaheen bagh type seige of the cities as we saw in Seattle (remember  lawless CHOP?) and Portland violence, still going on.

Before we get to 2020, let’s have a quick look back at the momentous impact of 2016 elections. 2016 was perhaps the first time America witnessed a fierce presidential campaign that was virtually no holds barred. President Trump was at his irreverent, politically incorrect best, making promises that seemed impossible to just hear, let alone keep, in a society that had become so politically correct. And as a result, he won! He gave hope to the “rust belt of America “ and proved that “MAGA” was not a false alarm or an election gimmick! He brought manufacturing back and created record levels of employment for various ethnic and minority groups including African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. The stock market had a three year bull run with all indices achieving levels never seen before. He successfully thwarted a rather dubious effort to impeach him on charges that were never proven. The result is Democrats have a real fear that if Mr. Trump were to win again, the liberal dream of unfettered immigration and the strategy of appeasements and pandering to vote bank politics will be impacted for a very long time.

So, this is the backdrop that Indian Americans will walk into the voting booth later this year. We know that traditionally, over 80% of Indians vote Democratic in US elections – from President to the Town Supervisor! In this election however, Indian Americans must ensure that their votes go to Mr. Donald Trump and strengthen his hand voting Republican majority in the Senate and the House! Ever since PM Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, the Indo-US relationship began making positive strides towards greater recognition and respect for each other. Mr. Modi instilled a strong sense of Indian pride in our nationhood in all of us. President Trump has clearly navigated the relationship to greater heights by supporting India with a special two-day visit with massive support from the people of India. This was a high water mark when both leaders talked about their shared identity between the world’s strongest and largest democracies so well on display at the “Howdy Modi” event in Houston and later in Ahmedabad.

The Democrats have been rather rude and crude in dealing with and attending to Indian concerns. They have taken the Indian collective vote for granted and continue to ignore the Indian American community’s needs in relation to both India and here. Many honorable minions of various small town councils, including San Francisco, have passed unnecessary resolutions preaching India on protecting human rights of Muslims while forgetting entirely the truth that minorities live a wretched life in three Islamic Republics of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan!

Two main planks that drive the basic tenets of the Democratic Party are unfettered immigration and giving things for FREE to all immigrants. That surely is an enticing message for all immigrants, but let’s not forget it is a straight recipe for disaster. They literally “buy” the immigrants with their promises and convert them into an indentured servitude! As a famous writer said, “it’s easy to promise to give what you don’t have or don’t have to give”. Let’s not sell our desi souls to another bunch of Company traders just as we did once to the East India Company.

While the Democratic Party has paid lip service to the steadfast support shown to them by Indians it is the Republicans under President Trump’s leadership who have shown true respect to Indians and India. He has made a record number of appointments in his administration of high quality Indian professionals, according the community the respect it deserves. At the same time, the Democratic nominee, Mr Biden is notorious for his racial slurs about  “7/11” Indians as well as “Makaka” monkey references. Mr. Biden has relied upon his dubious “mentors” to frame his anti-India policy statements on India’s laws passed by a duly elected Parliament to resolve intractable, sensitive political matters in India’s state of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, integrating an intransigent state in the Indian mainstream. These daring, legal and judicial processes were achieved via democratic principles and without bloodshed. The NRI community overwhelmingly rejoiced at the integration of JKL with the Indian mainstream. The unanimous verdict in the Ramjanam Bhoomi case brought global acclaim and joy for all Indians, barring a few! For the Democrats to call abrogations of Art 370, 35A and bold enactment of CAA as human rights violation of Muslims is nothing but violating and insulting the human rights and dignities of Indian people! The Democrats have ruined the country pandering to vote bank politics; they will do anything to get the power back, even  undermining the political freedoms they claim to cherish ! We should never forget how British and later on Congress party ruined India employing divide and rule and vote bank politics. Americans, beware of the “ides of March”! The similarities between the withering Congress party in India and the Democrats is truly scary and carries ominous signs for the country.

Mr. Trump’s administration has supported India’s recent border fights and in a remarkable synergy and coordination, both India and the US have taken concerted actions against Chinese app makers! Both India and US are in perfect cooperation to ensure the bullying tactics of China are thwarted, stopped and confronted globally. Just imagine, Mr Biden and his son in the White House with their prior statements/connections supporting China and their vested monetary interests in China, they will let China and Pakistan have a free hand with India! Does ANY Indian want that to happen?

In recent past, the Democrats have accused India of human rights violations while they themselves encourage antifa riots in the US destroying small and medium size businesses owned by blacks and other minorities! This double standard ought to be rejected. The Democratic elite are just like Nero, fiddling while the cities are burning under their regimes. They are promising anything and everything for FREE in the country that taught us there is NO FREE LUNCH! For all their bravado of freedom of speech they get upset and angry when anyone questions them about it! Kamala Harris represents the extreme left of her party framework , that would make JFK and Bill Clinton lost souls of the party in 2020.

It’s in this frame that we find the entry of Kamala Harris on Biden’s Vice President ticket. There is always a sudden surge when a routine nomination picks up momentum for a flagging campaign. The glamour , full of life laughter that KH brings to the Biden campaign is like the missing masala for the rapturous taste buds of the general public. “Hamari Kamala” is the emotional chant of a gullible desi! By all accounts, Kamala is not black, a heritage she has adopted by choice. Her mother is a Tamil Brahmin from Tamil Nadu, where the upper caste Brahmins are virtually scorned upon and hated. Her father is a Christian and so is Kamala. None of this matters more than the fact that she has stood for anti-India stand supporting the rights of minorities (read Muslims) in India and has never spoken about the rights of minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This is something NO INDIAN must  ever ignore.

We must not also forget that she dropped out of the Presidential campaign rather early for a remarkable failure in articulating her position on issues that mattered for her party and her candidature. If her vicious attacks on Mr. Biden weren’t serious and honest, calling them “it was said in a debate”, then let us remind her that as genuine her laughter is, such a lie is no laughing matter!

We end today by asking a set of simple questions: 1. Do you blame Mr Trump for Wuhanvirus? 2. Is Mr Trump responsible for the collapse of economies around the world caused by Wuhanvirus? 3. Is Mr Trump responsible for the riots and destruction of properties and businesses following the unfortunate killing of Mr. Floyd? 4. New York, New Jersey , California account for 1.2 million cases out of over 5 M cases and about 57 K deaths of 162 K deaths – is Mr. Trump responsible for that specially when the Governors of NY/CA/NJ heaped praises on the President for his and his team’s response to whatever they asked? 5. Do you agree with progressive wing of Democrats, supported financially by megalomaniacs and billionaires declaring war on the US constitution, religion, and conservative culture and undo every aspect that made America great?  We Indians mostly supported Democrats during elections in the past many years, but not in the 2020 election! For once Indian Americans’  and India’s interests intersect at supporting Mr. Trump for a second term. We believe the Indian Americans’ dilemma confronts almost every other minority community in the US! Today’s Democratic Party is not even a shadow of their pompous declarations of being a “party of love”!



Navin Doshi
Founder & President, Nalanda International


Vibhuti Jha
Executive Director, Nalanda International

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