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AAPI condemns assault on doctor at Latur COVID Center

Chicago, IL: “AAPI is shocked about the brutal and life-threatening attack on Dr. Dinesh Verma at the COVID Center, Alpha Hospital, Latur in the state of Maharashtra, India on July 29th.  We want to express our prayers and best wishes for speedy recovery to Dr. Verma, who has dedicated his life in the service of the patients affected by the deadly pandemic,” Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, President of American Association of Physicians of India Origin (AAPI) said here.

He urged the Government of India and the State Government of Maharashtra to bring to justice those behind the cruel attack on the physician who has dedicated all his life for serving the sick, especially during the critical times, risking his own life and that of his dear ones.

“We at AAPI, the largest ethnic medical organization in the nation, urge the Government of India and every state in India to make all the efforts possible to prevent violence against medical professionals and enable them to continue to serve the country with dignity, pride and security,”
Dr. Verma was allegedly attacked with a sharp weapon by the son of a Covid-19 patient, who died at a hospital in Latur on Wednesday. 
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) staged a protest with local doctors shutting down their clinics after the attack. 

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