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Netflix draws mixed reaction on ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Netflix has launched a new reality series titled Indian Matchmaking, and the show is sparking some very mixed reactions from viewers.

The show stars elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia, who gets to know a number of single millennials — “from Houston to Chicago to Mumbai” — who are over app dating, and want to try more traditional methods of meeting romantic partners. In some cases, their family members join them for their first dates.

The eight-episode first season is now streaming on Netflix, and has been generating a lot of chatter on social media. Some viewers are enjoying the show, but others are put off by the way they feel it approaches the concept — and reality — of arranged marriages. Others seem to feel that it reveals issues of sexism, colorism and classism.

Its local Indian offerings may have met with tepid response of late, but Netflix’s latest American original that deals with the age-old Indian arranged marriage rigmarole has stirred a debate in the country.

Perpetuating stereotypes of colourism, casteism and sexism about the country, the creators forget that Indian millennials and their families have come a long way after battling these societal norms for years, netizens argue.

Episodes titled ‘Slim, Trim and Educated,’ ‘Just Find Me Someone,’ ‘It’s High Time’ and ‘Adjustment and Compromise,’ among others, have been the subject of much ridicule and many memes in India over the past weekend, reports the media.

“How the hell did Netflix produce a programme like Indian Matchmaking? It is wrong on so many levels. Some of these things are appalling – sexism, classism. I, however, cannot stop watching it,” a user tweeted.

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