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Paris introduces floating movie theatre

Social distancing is the key to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and in line with that, Paris has introduced the concept of a floating movie theatre. Starting next week, people can watch films from socially distant boats in the Seine river.

Viewers can watch the film screening from their boat. There will be 38 boats and each can accommodate two to six people. Strict social distancing measures will be observed.

Cinéma sur l’Eau or cinema on the water will be held on July 18 to celebrate the start of Paris Plages. Those who are interested in attending the event will be required to participate in a raffle for the seats, New York Post reports.

Apart from the viewers on the boat, 150 people will be allowed to watch the film from deckchairs on dry land. This arrangement will be available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

As for the films that will be screened during the event, two movies have been selected – A Corona Story and Le Grand Bain.

A Corona Story is a short film based on the global pandemic that also won a contest launched by cinema chain Mk2.

Le Grand Bain is a French comedy from 2018 and narrates the story of a group of men who start a swimming team. (Source:

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