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NYC public schools won’t fully reopen this fall

New York: New York City public schools, the nation’s largest school system, won’t fully reopen this fall as the city tries to keep the coronavirus epidemic under control, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday.

The district, which has 1.1 million students, will use a combination of in-person class and remote learning, he said. The “vast majority” of students will attend in-person class for two or three days each week, he said.

“Basically, this blended model — this kind of split schedule model — is what we can do under current conditions,” de Blasio said, citing the need to maintain social distancing. “And then, let’s hope and pray science helps us out with a vaccine, with a cure, treatment, the things that will allow us to go farther.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has the final say on reopening the state’s schools. And at a press conference in Albany shortly after de Blasio unveiled the city’s approach, Cuomo stressed a final decision on fall classes hasn’t been made yet, including for New York City.

Cuomo said the state will issue more guidance for school reopenings Monday. Local school districts will have to submit their specific plan for holding classes to the state for review by July 31.

A decision on reopening the schools will be made in the first week of August, Cuomo said. Ultimately, he said that decision relies on how bad the Covid-19 outbreak in New York will be by then, emphasizing it was too early to tell what infection rates will be like in a few weeks.

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