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China releases 10 Indian soldiers after hectic parleys

New Delhi: After a series of intense parleys, China  returned 10 Indian soldiers, who had been in their captivity since Monday’s scuffle in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

The 10 soldiers included two majors and two captains.

As many as 20 Indian soldiers, including the Commanding Officer of 16 Bihar Colonel Santosh Babu, were killed in action in Monday’s clash.

The two sides are now looking to soon have a dialogue to ensure that the Chinese PLA pulls back all its troops from the Galwan valley and removes all the military-grade tents which housed its troops.

Sources said the Indian Army troops were outnumbered by a 1:5 ratio when they came under attack from the Chinese PLA soldiers at patrolling point number 14 in Ladakh on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

China’s PLA troopers “savagely attacked” Indian Army personnel, according to sources in the government with knowledge of the details of the Monday night clashes between the two sides.

“The numbers were stacked up against the Indian Army troopers. Yet, the Indian side decided to fight the PLA troops. The Indian soldiers were outnumbers 1:5 by the Chinese troops,” sources said.

China is also said to have used thermal imaging drones to trace the Indian Army soldiers scattered on the treacherous terrain before brutally attacking them.

“It was the deadliest attack carried on Indian Army personnel by the Chinese military personnel to our memory,” a government sources said.

Several Indian Army soldiers are currently “critically injured” and are undergoing treatment.

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