Indian American NGO releases $10,000 for Amphan disaster relief

Washington, DC: An Indian-American non-profit body on Monday announced the first tranche of $10,000 dedicated for the rescue and relief operations for those affected by the devastation caused by super cyclone Amphan in coastal belts of Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal.

Sewa International said it has released the money as it is committed to provide all support to those affected by super cyclone Amphan.

“Sewa International with on the ground partners/volunteers is committed to providing all support to the affected people in this hour of need,” said Swadesh Katoch, vice president of Disaster Recovery, Sewa International.

“We have partnered with relief organizations in India over the past two decades, and our people are already in the area working on rescue and relief operations,” he said in a statement.

Cyclone Amphan, the strongest to hit the region in nearly two decades, has killed over 85 people and directly affected around 1.5 crore others and destroyed more than 10 lakh houses in India.

In Bangladesh, it has killed at least 22 people and left many displaced in the coastal areas.

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