HAF leads campaign against anti-India motion by a city council in Minnesota

Washington: The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) launched a letter writing campaign to oppose a deeply flawed and error-laden resolution proposed by the St. Paul City Council in Minnesota. The symbolic resolution denounces what it calls the “Islamophobic ideology” of the Modi government.  Lead sponsor Council Member Jane Prince  worked on the resolution with the Minnesota chapter of the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Thanks to HAF’s activism, the City Council has been inundated with over 12,000 letters opposing RES 20-712 and requesting the city council to table it or vote NO. Numerous locally spearheaded coalition letters from the Indian and Hindu American communities also called out the inaccuracies and divisive impact of the council’s actions.

HAF also sent a formal letter to council members to educate them on the horrific human rights conditions that many religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have fled.

Another fact-check of RES 20–712 was submitted on May 12, 2020 to the St. Paul City Council by a coalition of 27 prominent leaders from Minnesota’s Indian American community. It provides corrections, clarifications, and context to numerous inaccuracies in the City Council’s ill-advised proposed draft resolution on India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, and highlights the hostile environment the City Council has created for Minnesotans of Indian origin by hastily and irresponsibly wading into a subject on which it lacks expertise, let alone basic understanding.

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