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Interesting activities you can try from home during lockdown

Did you know that one of the world’s largest art museums, The Louvre in Paris, offers free virtual tours of several of its most popular exhibits online? There are hundreds of other interesting activities that you can engage in during this period that require us to stay at home.

Discovering these interesting activities has been made a lot easier by Lisbon, Portugal-based Theritage Concierge which provides lifestyle management & personal assistance services.

The “WHAT’S UP – Quarantine Special Edition” from the luxury private members club offers a user-friendly, interactive encyclopaedia of over 100 online activities to try from home.

Its smart links, allows you to navigate within the document and directly connect you to the website of the venue, download the app or visualise that movie.

Whether you want to learn a foreign language, explore the world’s greatest museums or watch the best TV shows and movies, the document provides a comprehensive guide of things that could keep you hooked.

In the languages section, it includes apps like Babbel, Duolingo and Memrise. Similarly, the exercises sections also include some of the top apps used by people around the world like 8fit, Yoga Studio, among others.

And if you want to use this time to sharpen your culinary skills, it tells you that you can learn the skills from some of the top chefs in the world all for free.

Be it music, art or distance learning courses, the “Quarantine Special Edition” from Theritage Concierge has something for everyone to explore.

It can provide people with ideas to reinvent themselves and keep them entertained all the while staying at home.

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