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AIA distributes meals to health workers through Raj Bhog

At this difficult time when health professionals are working day and night to take care of COVID patients, AIA is trying to provide nutritious food through Raj Bhog to some of the hospital workers. So far AIA has provided to Glen Cove, Plainview, Elmhurst and LIJ hospitals.

“We are providing 60 to 70 meals at a time to these hospitals. We are very thankful to Sheetal at Raj Bhog, who has been delivering the meals. It was funded by Animesh Goenka, Asmita Bhatia, Dr. Deepak Nandi, Gobind Munjal, Dr. Vijay Arya and Dr. Yash pal Arya,”  Dr. Urmilesh Arya, the president of National AIA said. “We are very thankful to the people who supported the cause and the National Executive Committee members who came out and joined in this Lockdown period.”

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