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Aditya Vashistha receives the Google Faculty Research awards

Indian-American Aditya Vashistha has received the Google Faculty Research awards. Vashistha is an assistant professor of Information Science at Cornell University. 

Among the five projects which were selected for the awards included, Boost the performance and predictability of cloud computing services, improving the computer models used to predict disease and online harassment of women.  

Vashistha, designs and builds computing systems which helps and empowers people who are in low-resource environments. His team will use AI which will be human-centered to help women who face online harassment. 

Vashistha’s team will create voice-forums to help people who do not have much resources at their disposal. The voice-based platforms will help people who are low-literate, are poor and live in the remote parts of the world. 

Aditya Vashishtha earned his Phd in computer science and engineering from the University of Washington. 

The Google Faculty Research program aims at recognizing cutting-edge research in mutual areas of interest which will impact the future generations as to how they use technology.

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