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Keep a check on your behavioral changes during the pandemic

The outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has created a stressful environment for all leading to worldwide psychological chaos. These fears and anxiety about the disease cause strong emotions in adults and children.

Dr Anju Sharma, psychiatrist and founder of the Musical Healing Band named “Sound of Infinity”, shares a few tips to cope:

Out of comfort zone – Each individual has come out of their comfort zone during this pandemic. Even a housewife’s routine has changed with her kids and husband at home. During this time, a person tends to get a little frustrated and loses the temper. It is important to understand that each one is dealing with the changes and it is in our hand to accept the change and spend some quality time with them.

Increase in expectation – With more time at home, everyone is having more expectations from the other person. Please understand that an individual will do only what he/she wants to do. For example, a husband who usually works for 8-9 hours only gets to communicate with his family for 1-2 hours, during his stay at home, will not be able to communicate with his family for 4-5 hours. Be happy and content with what the other person is doing for you.

Reinvent yourself – With every place being shut, we don’t have much to do. People  cannot go to malls, movies, restaurants, or go sight-seeing. This is the time when they have to realize what their hobbies are and invest time in those activities. One tends to get bored watching Netflix all the time or playing with Playstation, so analyze your interest and utilize the time in some creative pursuit.

Challenge for women – All the women out there are facing a hard time with their kids and family being at home. They have to look after their office work, domestic work as well and look after their kids. Even a little help offered to the females can give a little relief. Men need to share the work so the environment at home goes smoothly.

Give personal space – As we all are home, we are spending more time with our near and dear ones. But it is important to give them some personal space as well. Spending time 24 X 7 will create aggression and lead to a mental breakdown, therefore, allow them some private space to revive their emotional factors.

Amidst the pandemic ensure you adhere to all the rules shared by our health institutes and follow social distancing.

For a relaxed environment, play soothing music or chant mantras to exhibit positive energy into the environment. Stay at home and stay safe.

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