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Global Sikh body wants world to help Sikhs facing genocide in Afghanistan

London: After the ghastly  bomb attack on gurdwara in Kabul, Paramjit Singh Bedi, the Chair of Afghanistan Sub Committee of the Global Sikh Council (GSC)  has sent deepest condolences to the families of the innocent worshipers who became targets of the terrorists, and sought international help for the Sikh community in Afghanistan.

In a press release Lady Singh, President GSC, states: “Sikhs have been living in Afghanistan for more than four hundred years. The UK Home Office figures show that since 1992 the number of Sikhs in the country has plummeted from some 225,000 to less than 1000 as a result of persecution. Only the poor unable to flee, remain. They need urgent help. We request the international community to support

Sikhs remaining in Afghanistan by expediting measures to give them refugee status.”

The GSC has also requested all its members from 30 different countries to write to the Afghani ambassadors / Consul Generals of their respective countries to support Afghani Sikhs and stop this genocide of Sikhs.

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