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The Spiritual Catalyst

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The catalyst that ignites our spark to connect with the Divine is a divine Engineer. Right now there is static interfering with the connection between the soul and God. We cannot communicate with God because on our own we do not know how to eliminate the interference to open the lines of communication. Just as we are untrained to connect a radio station with a radio or a computer with the Internet, similarly, we are untrained to connect our spark to the Divine. To make the connection between our soul and God, we need training. We need to call someone who is computer literate to hook us up to the Internet. We need to call a cable technician to hook our television to cable TV. In the field of spirituality, if we were able to connect our soul to God ourselves, each would have done so by now. Yet, few people know how to do it. To connect with God, we need an expert. That person who can make that connection for us is a spiritual Master.

A spiritual Master teaches a form of meditation that does more than help us feel peaceful and calm; he connects our soul with God. The meditation connects us to a current of light and sound emanating from God that is already reverberating within us. We just need to learn how to tap into it to see and hear it. A Master is a catalyst who makes that internal connection for us. He teaches us how to meditate to stay in tune with the light and sound current, which takes us through the astral, causal, and supracausal regions until the soul merges back with God in Sach Khand.

The divine Engineer attunes our instrument-the soul-to receive the spiritual communication from God. As in science, the process must be done correctly to work. Even in the worldly sphere, when we go to a teacher, there is an understanding that the teacher has something to offer to the student. It may be intellectual knowledge or career training. It could be techniques of playing a sport or skills in the performing arts. Any student who goes to an instructor and is eager and ready to learn will gain something. However, if a student is egotistical and thinks he or she knows more than the teacher, little will be gained. When we have the attitude that we have nothing to learn, we close ourselves off from receiving what the teacher has to give. We then remain at a standstill as far as our own development is concerned.

Great scientist Isaac Newton once spoke of the vastness of knowledge. He remarked that he was just picking up pebbles from the seashore of time. If such an intellectual giant as Newton felt as if he were still a student with much more to learn, then how can anyone of lesser stature feel so proud of his or her learning?

There is an anecdote about former United States President Teddy Roosevelt. He was a great nature lover. In the evenings, he would spend time talking with a friend, and afterwards they would take a walk together. One night, as they went for a walk, they looked up at the starry night sky. They noticed how vast space was and how many stars there were. They looked with wonder at the Milky Way, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and the vastness of space, and were in such awe that they walked in silence.

Finally, Teddy Roosevelt spoke what both of them had on their mind, saying, “Well, I think we are small enough now. Let’s call it a night.”

Most people act and feel as if the whole universe circles around them. In reality, we are a small part of the whole. When our heads become swollen, thinking we are better than everyone else including God, we can no longer be open to learning and receiving. We become small and congealed and do not learn and grow. To increase knowledge, sharpen our skills, and improve our techniques in any worldly field, we need to be open to receive what the instructor has to give. This principle is equally valid when we look at the spiritual sciences. When we go to a spiritual Adept to learn how to realize ourselves and realize God, we need to approach him with a willingness to learn. What a Master has to give is unique. It is not available from anyone else in this world. From all other instructors we gain esoteric knowledge, which is knowledge of the outer world. From a Master we gain esoteric knowledge, or knowledge of the inner world.

The Master is a catalyst that connects us to the spark of the Divine. When performing certain scientific experiments, we add a catalyst to cause a chemical reaction; similarly, the Master is a catalyst that makes the connection between our soul and God. The process by which he makes that connection to experience the light and sound of God within us is called initiation. At initiation, he opens our inner eye to see the light of God and opens our inner ear to hear the sound of God within. He gives us a spiritual boost so we can withdraw our attention from the body to focus at the single or third eye between and behind the two eyebrows to experience inner light. We become absorbed into the light and witness inner vistas such as flashes of light, pinpoints of light, lights of various colors and the inner sky, stars, a moon, and a sun. That boost then leads us to the radiant or ethereal form of the Master, who serves as our inner Guide. In the presence of the radiant form we travel beyond the physical realm to experience the astral, causal, and supracausal realms, until we merge back in God in the highest spiritual realm of Sach Khand.

Souls experience upliftment to reconnect with God in two ways: through the radiation of a Master that emanates from his physical presence, and through his charged attention sent to us even from around the world. Those who are receptive receive the full dose of divinity whether in his presence of not. The spiritual boost either from the spiritual radiation in his physical presence, or from his charged attention which we receive in meditation, helps us enjoy inner experiences. The emptier we are of distracting thoughts during our meditation, the greater the benefit we receive from a Master, because we are open to receive the spiritual radiation.

We can receive the spiritual boost from the Master through his eyes. That glance is called the darshan of the Master. It is so powerful it can uplift our soul to the third eye to connect with the light and sound within. The glance of grace gives more bliss than intoxicating drugs and alcohol and has no harmful side effects to our body, mind, society, or relationships. Physical intoxicants may temporarily make us forget our pains, but when these wear off, we need another fix. The spiritual intoxication of a glance of grace uplifts us immediately and takes us to a state of consciousness higher than any we can reach in this world. It takes us to a state of bliss more intense than any in this physical realm.

Through his charged attention, we can receive that glance directly whether in his presence or during meditation even when we are physically ten thousand miles away from him, because that glance is not emanating from the physical form of the Master. The charging is coming from the Divine through the catalyst of the Master. The beauty of this glance is that it stays with us. It is free and available to us anytime we go within during mediation.

The Master is not the physical body, but a catalyst through which the Divine can flow to us. It is always radiating divine love. We can experience that power of divine love when we turn our attention from the world to the channel of God within. The Master is that divine Engineer, who through the glance of grace, helps us switch our channel from the world outside to God within. On our own, we are tuned out. If we are open to receive the spiritual radiation and the glance of grace of the Master, we will become tuned in to the channel of God. Through initiation by a spiritual Master, the spark of the Divine is ignited so that through meditation on the light and sound current we journey through higher spiritual realms until our soul reconnects with God.

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