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JITO Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop on March 21 in NJ

JITO Innovation & Entrepreneurship Workshop will be held on March 21, 2020 at the Jain Center of New Jersey in Somerset, NJ. 

The Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) is a global organization that brings together a network of Jain professionals, business leaders, industrialists, and college students to achieve higher economic prosperity, enrich humanity, and cultivate social empowerment for the Jain community. 

JITO represents over 70 JITO Pan India and Global Chapters which has over 13,000 members and is expanding rapidly worldwide. In the USA we currently have Chapters in New York and San Francisco with plans to open additional chapters in major metropolitan areas. 

JITO USA’s vision is to unite all Jain Professionals, Industrialists, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and College Students across the USA with a focus on Economic Empowerment and Global Networking for Business and Education. 

Their goal is to build a strong foundation for American Jains and leave a lasting legacy upon which their future leaders can thrive and succeed. This JITO Workshop is an excellent opportunity to network with highly successful Jain professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and ambitious college students across the NY/NJ/CT Tristate area to connect under one common goal: The Success and Empowerment of Jain’s across the USA. 

JITO USA aspires to learn from and replicate the success of the Jewish Community in America by networking, connecting, and supporting the Jain community in business, trade, education, and philanthropy. 

The highly accomplished lineup of speakers includes Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty, Mukesh Chatter, Prem Jain, Sam Jain, Captain Dr.Sushil Jain, Yogendra Jain, Rushabh Kapashi, Kamlesh Mehta, Dr.Preeti Mehta, Dr.Raj Bhayani, Kushal Sancheti, Apurva Shah, Saahil Desai, Naveen Shah, etc.  

More information about JITO USA and the workshop is available on 

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