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India, number one developer pool on the planet: Satya Nadella

Bengaluru: With over 4.2 million developers, India is the number one developer pool on the planet and undoubtedly, the country’s tech capital, Bengaluru accounts for the largest number of them.

Redmond-based Microsoft had organized a tech summit in Bengaluru on Tuesday to celebrate both the professional and citizen developer communities, understand them, acknowledge their contribution, and also to offer them tips and tools for application development for the next decade.

Addressing over 700 developers, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “It is fantastic to be in Bengaluru. Talking to developers is my most favourite topic, and meeting them is a privilege as well for me.”

As per Nadella, just tech adoption and tech creation, and breaking the world is not going to work in the next decade. Young developers have a special role in introducing trust, ethical aspects and sustainability in everything they do, as these are based on the choices developers make.

“To me, the most highest leverage thing that we want to do for you is to empower you. We want to give you the best toolchain and the best leverage to make your dreams come true,” he told developers.

Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, said every company was a tech or digital company. India alone had around 3,00,000 companies that use technology and 75% of these companies were embracing cloud.

“And today, it’s the power of low code or no code programming that’s available in everybody’s hands, and every person is a developer. It is amazing to see the power of tech,” said Maheshwari. (Source:

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