Toluca defeat Necaxa to sit at third place in Mexican Apertura

Toluca (Mexico), Sep 23: The Diablos del Toluca defeated Necaxa 3-2 in a match of alternate dominance and jumped to third place in the classification of the 2018 Apertura tournament in Mexican football meet.

The Mexicans Rodrigo Salinas (51st minute) and Alexis Vega (80th), and the Colombian Luis Quiones (60th) scored for Toluca, while the Mexican Sebastin Crdova (41st) and the Chilean Matas Fernndez (88th) converted by Necaxa on Saturday, reports Efe.

The Toluca, trained by the Argentinian Hernn Cristante, started off strong, but it was the Necaxa that soon dominated, with Crdova scoring a goal with a left-footed shot.

Wounded, the locals came out with everything and soon reached a tie of 1-1.

The Devils of Cristante continued ahead and at the 60th minute they took advantage. Again Sambueza was the protagonist when Alexia Vega took a shot on the goal. Quinones interposed, touched the ball and raised the score to 2-1.

Toluca dominated in the middle of the field, created danger for the left wing and at 68 minutes was close to extending the lead, but Sambueza missed the shot. The Argentine returned to create danger with a ball bounced on the stick and it was Vega who at the 80th minute scored, 3-1.

When the home team looked better, Matas Fernndez gave oxygen to the Necaxa by making an elegant turn and from behind to beat the goalkeeper with a right leg blow.

The Necaxa appear in the fourteenth position of the standings with 11 points.

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