Modi’s personal culpability in Rafale scam: Shourie, Sinha

New Delhi, Sep 11: Alleging Narendra Modi’s personal culpability in the Rafale jet deal, former BJP ministers Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie on Tuesday indicted the Prime Minister for compromising national security by unilaterally finalising the deal, jettisoning every rule of defence procurement.

Addressing a media conference here, both Sinha and Shourie said the government has spun a web of lies to protect Modi’s culpability in the largest defence scam the country has ever seen.

Every explanation they put out ensnares the government in the web of lies they have spun. This means they have a lot to hide, said Shourie.

He said Modi had no authority to overturn the UPA deal that had been a tedious exercise by the people concerned and was a result of 7-8 years of toil.

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