Maradona arrives to coach 2nd league Mexican team

Culiacan (Mexico), Sep 11: Argentinas football legend Diego Armando Maradona has accepted the position of coach of Dorados of Sinaloa, currently at the bottom of Mexicos second division, and promised to look after the team like a father who tucks his son in.

I assume this responsibility like someone who has a child in his arms, the retired football star said at a press conference on Monday in which he proclaimed to being mentally prepared to spend a long time with the team, reports EFE news agency.

Shaved, apart from a gray-haired padlock beard, and wearing a Dorados cap and shirt, Diego admitted that he had issues with drug and alcohol abuse and said he was ready to work on his recovery with a life dedicated to what he loves most, soccer.

To the people of Culiacan I say that we dont come for a walk, we dont come for vacations, we come to work, and I came to give my heart he said.

Diego arrived in Culiacan, a city about 1,200 km northwest of Mexico City, located in the heartland of the Sinaloa drug cartel, in a surprise move that shook the foundations of Mexican soccer and upon his arrival caused seismic emotions in the city of the state of Sinaloa.

The golden boys challenge will be tough as the Dorados have only three wins, three draws and three points in the Apertura 2018 tournament and occupy the penultimate place, with not much of an offense, two goals in six games, and a defense that needs improvement.

Maradona will head the Dorados first training session this afternoon and said he will try to instill a philosophy of play based on ball possession and attack, which he hopes the team will practice on Sep. 17 when his team will host the Cafetaleros of Tapachula, the last team in the rankings.

Maradona confessed that by coming to Mexico he turned down important proposals in Argentine soccer and offers to lead the Bolivian and Venezuelan teams, and his hope is to make the Dorados a winning team that goes up to the First Division.

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