England’s Jamie Vardy to retire from international football

London, Aug 29:English striker Jamie Vardy has decided to retire from international football according to an interview published in The Guardian newspaper.

The Leicester Citys striker who will turn 32 in January, has played 26 times for England scoring seven times and has been part of every national squad since he first picked to represent his country in May 2015, reports Xinhua news agency.

Vardy has communicated his decision to English coach Gareth Southgate two weeks ago.

To be honest with you, this has been on my mind for a while, he commented on Tuesday, explaining he had told Southgate it was best to bring youngsters in who he thinks have got the ability and start nurturing them into international football.

He admitted that the fact he is always likely to be substitute to England captain, Harry Kane had also had an impact in his decision.

When you get selected, you want to be playing. If youre playing week in, week out for your club, you want to be going to England to play as well.

And if its not happening, then for me personally now, at this age, its better to be at home, spending that time with my family and training with my club, preparing for the next game after the international break, he said.

Vardy has played at every level of English football and commented that he had first thought about his international retirement after the World Cup, although he described Southgate as a brilliant coach and added that if England suffered a serious injury crisis, he would return if he was needed.

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