UNHCR launches education campaign for Syrian children

Dubai, Aug 27: The UN Refugee Agency has launched a digital education campaign to secure support for millions of displaced Syrian children, both inside the war-torn country and in neighbouring countries.

The UNHCR drive aims to help millions of school-aged Syrians access education, the agency reported on Monday.

One out of every three schools in Syria have been damaged, while others are used as shelters, thus creating a major impediment for more than 2 million children’s access to education within the country, according to UN reports.

In neighbouring countries, the situation was equally troubling as increasing poverty and debt among refugees prevented some 700,000 Syrian children from attending school, reports said.

Supporting education is one of UNHCR’s most important priorities. Education protects displaced families and children from having to resort to negative coping mechanisms such as child labour, early marriage, among others, said Houssam Chahine, Head of Private Sector Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa region at UNHCR.

Through this campaign, UNHCR seeks to complement its efforts to ensure the rehabilitation of schools, training of teachers and the provision of resources to displaced and refugee families to ensure education for millions of children, said the official.

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