Priyanka-Nick alliance ticks all mental boxes of the desi girl

So it is actually happening. After all the hide and seek, all the will-she-wont-she, Priyanka Chopra finally got engaged to Nick Jonas at a very private get-together at the Chopras residence.

That she was so serious about Nick never occurred to me till now.

Girl, youve come a long way. Ive known Priyanka when she had stopped dating Aseem Merchant (remember him?) and was still to meet Harman Baweja. Her mornings were devoted to Kathak dancing, horse riding and other activities meant to strengthen her potential as a Bollywood star.

She was a warm and friendly girl from the start. At that point of time she was looking forward to the release of her first film with Sunny Deol — The Hero, directed by Anil Sharma.

Priyanka told me she was so much in awe of Deol that she kept her gaze restricted to his feet.

Priyanka never forgets an obligation. Years later, when a Sunny Deol starrer with her in lead was retrieved from the cans, she rushed to complete the pending film.

I had warned her it would be an instant flop.

Ya, but Sunny Paaji had worked with me when I was a nobody, no? she said.

During her relationship with Harman Baweja, which lasted fairly long, she willy-nilly became a part of his big launch film Love Story 2050.

To begin with, Harmans heroine in that film was Kareena Kapoor. They even shot together for a week and then Kareena being Kareena (hence whimsical and impetuous) opted out. Priyanka did the rescue act. Lamentably, Harman got left far behind in the rat race. This is a peculiar gender-game played by destiny on many couples who make a lunge at success together. Does anyone remember Kamal Sadanah who made his debut with Kajol in Rahul Rawails Bekhudi? Or Bhagyashree who was Salman Khans leading lady in Maine Pyar Kiya?

Priyanka was destined to move far beyond her allotted space. She made sure of that. She was always ambitious and never apologetic about it. Sadly, her relationships did not seem to work out. When she was linked with one superstar, he quickly stopped working with her to pacify his wife. Another stormy, long-lasting liaison with a major superstar was almost her Waterloo as it took her nowhere.

Nick Jonas is almost like poetic justice after what Priyanka went through in her last dead-end relationship. He is young (10 years her junior), successful and completely devoted to her. Apparently, Nick insisted on flying down to India to meet Priyankas mother to formally ask for her daughters hand.

Though American, he belongs to a closely-knit family of siblings who dote on one another. And yes, Nick loves kids. His bonding with his little niece is the stuff Instagram-lore is made of. Priyanka too loves kids and showers affection on her brothers little daughter.

Both Priyanka and Nick want marriage and babies. They are made for each other. The post-engagement dinner at her home had a very select guest list. When she personally called to invite one of her guests, she apparently said: It all happened so suddenly and quickly. Before I knew it, I was in love.

Thats the beauty of being in love when you are Priyanka Chopra. You let the heart take over the head. But the head never goes to bed. As far as Priyanka is concerned, this alliance is for keeps. It ticks all the boxes in her head even as her heart pounds in excitement.

Heres wishing the Desi Girl all happiness in her new life with the Firangi Dude as Priyanka Chopra-Jonas.

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