Give fashionable twist to stylish blouse

New Delhi, Aug 24 : Experiment with different styles of blouses to give a fashionable twist to your ‘desi’ sari.

Anna John, Creative Director, and Mandira Bansal, Founder, WeaveinIndia share some interesting trends:

* Handiwork: Monochrome metallic beads, multicolour threads, zardozi – there are many ways to give your sari blouses an alluring updo. Choose small floral strewn all around the blouse or concentrated around the neck and sleeves. Or convert the sleeves into a focal point with a large foliage ring.

* Brocades: Ready to lend your style a royal twist? Pair your kasavu sari with a silk brocade blouse. From polka-like designs to rich florals, paisley, and other attractive motifs, the options are plenty. Pick a monochrome brocade with silver or golden woven patterns for a sophisticated look. For a vivacious touch, choose multicolour designs.

* Cutwork fabrics: The richness exuded by cutwork fabrics is inexplicable and those in metallic shades make great partners with the Kerala sari. Use a cutwork fabric all around the body for an opulent style statement. For a chic look, use the fabric as accents on the sleeves, around the neck.

* Kalamkari prints: Kalamkari and mural prints are quite the rave this Onam season. From simple flower and twine designs to Krishna-Radha and Buddha, the choices are many for lovers of small and large patterns alike. When made of cotton, these blouses are the most comfortable to wear. Plus, their rustic beauty exudes a charm that professes your love for traditional textile forms.

* Designer net fabrics: Sheer fabrics with pearls, sequin, thread work, and their young-party like vibe make them an apt choice for teens. Use them as accents on the sleeve alone or extend them to the front and back yokes. For an added duo-chrome effect, using a lining in a colour different from that of the sheer fabric.

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