BJP causing divisions in society, says Rahul

Berlin, Aug 24: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has alleged that the BJP and RSS were weakening the country by causing divisions and spreading hatred.

Addressing an event organised by the Indian Overseas Congress on Thursday, Gandhi said the Congress differed with the way the Narendra Modi Government functions. Our work is to bring the people together, to take the country forward and we have done it, Gandhi said.

Gandhi said he derives his thinking from the teachings of Guru Nanak.

Referring to his conversation during a visit to the German parliament about their unity in diversity experience in Europe, Gandhi said this thinking had been there in India from the time of Guru Nanak.

He said all religions have the same philosophy to help the most disadvantaged. The concept of ‘langar’ in Sikhism also means that howsoever weak a person may be, he should remain empty stomach, he added.

The work that Guru Nanakji did, we work by that vision. He was not alone. The same work was done by others in different states to bring people together. The Congress is for everyone, it works for everyone. Today the government in India works in a different way, Gandhi said.

He said India’s population is young, but the government is able to generate only 450 jobs in 24 hours against 50,000 jobs generated by China in the same hours.

Hatred is being spread, farmers continue to commit suicide and the youth are unable to see a way forward, Gandhi said.

He thanked the overseas Indian community, particularly people from Punjab, for working towards party’s victory in the 2017 assembly polls in the state.

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